Northumberlandia (300g wodge)

Northumberlandia (300g wodge)

Northumberland Cheese Company, like Northumberlandia, is also based on the Blagdon Estate. We were developing a new cheese, one that would be more acidic, and more crumbly.

Northumberlandia is a beautiful landmark, evolving through time, like the maturation of the cheese. The use of coal in the sculpture of Northumberlandia is a nod to the significance of the coal mining industry in the North, with the use of black wax around the cheese. Nothing could be more Northumbrian than Northumberlandia from Northumberland Cheese, and we are delighted that it all happens on the rolling Blagdon Estate.

A donation of the profts from the sales of Northumberlandia are donated to the landtrust, to keep the lady looking at her best. 

Pair this delicious cheese with some oaty crackers, some sweet chutney, and a glass of some hoppy bitter. 

Please note that the black wax is not edible. This cheese is pasteurised and suitable for pregnant women. It is vegetarian.


Cheese Awards

Silver for Best newcomer at the Artisan Cheese Awards Melton Mowbray 2016


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