Pasteurised Cows' Milk

Made with Vegetarian Rennet


Tasting Notes:
A prize-winning gourmet cheese packed with complex character and confidence. Mould-ripened, it is rich, clean and creamy with a melting texture and a long, fruity finish. A king of cheeses.


Cheese History:

The Coquetdale recipe developed from Mark’s trip to France in the late 90s where he visited Puy-de-Dôme, in the Auvergene region famous for Saint-Nectaire cheese. After spending a couple of weeks making cheese with the farmers, Mark returned to Northumberland to adapt the recipe and make our own version that played to the strengths of the milk we use.

Please note that this cheese is pasteurised and suitable for pregnant women. It is vegetarian. 


Cheese Awards:

Silver at Nantwich International Cheese Awards 2013

1st at the Bakewell show 2008

Bronze at Nantwich Show 2008

3rd at Cheshire County Show 2008

Supreme Champion, Specialist Cheesemaker Award, Hugh Young Memorial at Bakewell Show 2007

Gold at World Cheese Awards 2006

Gold cup winner at Bakewell Show 2006

Image shown is for illustrative purposes only. Different sizes will vary.

Shelf Life Wodges 15 days Tomme 2 months
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