Connoisseurs Cheeseboard

Connoisseurs Cheeseboard


Pasteurised Goats' Milk

Made with Vegetarian Rennet

As extravagant as a goats' cheese can get. A mould-ripened cheese, which is velvety soft on the palate, light-textured and pleasingly refined, with a delicate edge to lengthen and liven things up. This international prize-winner is queen of the cheeses.


Pasteurised Cows’ Milk

Made with Vegetarian Rennet

A creamy, cellar ripened cow`s milk cheese. Streaked with blue viens but not over-powering on the palate. The mould ripened finish gives this cheese a fantastic artisan apperance that will complement any cheese board.




Pasteurised Jersey Cows' Milk from Wheelbirks Jersey herd.

Made with Vegetarian Rennet.

A smooth, creamy, mould-ripened cheese reminiscent of a young Brie or Camembert with a sharp, clean bite leading to a gently stimulating richness. An easy cheese to love and a major prizewinner.


Pasteurised Cows' Milk

Made with Vegetarian Rennet


A prize-winning gourmet cheese packed with complex character and confidence. Mould-ripened, it is rich, clean and creamy with a melting texture and a long, fruity finish. A king of cheeses.


Image shown is for illustrative purposes only. Total weight 1.4kg. Each wodge of cheese will weigh approximately 300g each, but this can vary slightly.

Shelf Life 15 days
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