A Wee Box of Treats

A Wee Box of Treats

We have created a wallet-friendly hamper for those of you who need cheering up, or for those with Springtime birthdays! This is a mini-hamper of delights, showcasing some fabulous sweet treats, and well as our wonderful cheese (of course!).

We have included some Elsdon cheese, which is a mild goats' cheese. There is also a wedge of our Cheviot cheese, which is our most mature cheese, and packs a punch! There is a wedge of our Hadrian cheese, which is flavoured with caraway seeds; caraway seeds add an intriguing flavour, and paired with our creamy cheese, it's both delicious and unusual.

We have included Perthshire Thin and Crispy Oatcakes, which are a great base biscuit for any cheese. We have also added some Northumbrian Preserves Plum and Cinnamon Jam; locally made, and fantastic with Cheviot. There is also some Fine Cheese Company Fruit and Nut Torta, which is packed with figs, dates, plums, almonds and walnuts; traditionally from Murcia, it is a fantastic accompaniment to cheese.

Finally, we have some locally made Kitty's Ginger Wine... because why not?! Gorgeous with all of the above!

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