Christmas Cheese Center Piece to WOW!



Why chose between a Christmas Cheese Board and a Table Center Piece when you could have both in one?! We think our Northumberland Cheeses are looking so good this year that they are forming part of the Christmas Decorations. Move over Turkey, out of the way Sprouts- let’s make Northumberland Cheese the centre of attention this Christmas.

Our towers are very popular for Weddings but we have designed this ‘mini tower’ with a family-get-together in mind. Three of our fave cheeses make the cut; Brinkburn, Chevington and Blagdon Blue stack up high (you just need to add the angel on the top). For less than £30 you can jazz up your Christmas Dinner Table and at the same time feed between 10 and 20 guests with this chunky tower. 


To make your Northumberland Cheese Tower you will need…

 1 x Truckle of Blagdon Blue

 1 x Truckle of Chevington

 1 x Tomme of Brinkburn

Making the perfect Cheese Board is an art we are very good at blagging… tastes, appearance, textures all play their part. All though these three cheeses appear the same on the outside, with their snowy coating of mould-ripened rind, they are a burst of colour on the inside. Blagdon Blue is streaked through with blue veins and Chevington is as bright yellow as cheese comes- it is all natural from the jersey milk we use. The gorgeous Brinkburn is the smooth white colour of sophistication. We have a variety of textures to play with as well; creamy, crumbly and soft- enough to impress even the sternest cheese critic.


And all the trimmings…

Like all courses on the Christmas menu; simplicity is not a word in the festive vocabulary. Garnish your cheese tower with almonds, cranberries, figs, dates, walnuts. Stock up on these fantastic all butter cheese biscuits; made for cheese and get saucey with Claire’s Handmade Fig and Apple Chutney = divine! Why not add a bit of elegance with one of our selected Cheese Knives?


I’m not exaggerating when I say, hand on heart, I wish it could be Christmas every day! The perfect excuse to replace a conservative wedge of cheese with an entire tower of the good stuff and nobody can judge you because it’s Christmas!