Blagdon Blue Tartlets


These little tartlettes make a great canape to keep your dinner party guests happy whilst you are in the kitchen whipping up a storm! The pastry is one I pinched from my Mum a while back and is so simple you don't even need to be a French Patry chef to make it. It also works well with a variety of fillings such as Elsdon and black olives for a sophisticated mini tart or Kielder and spring onions for a truly cheesey appetiser. I have used Blagdon Blue for a creamy filling and also to use up any Christmas Blue left over in the fridge.



70g Plain Flour

50g Butter (softened)

50g Philadelphia or Soft Cream Cheese

Truckle of Blagdon Blue

Small handful chopped Walnuts

Handful of Baby Spinach leaves

1 Egg Yolk

Salt and Pepper



Blend the butter and philly with a wooden spoon. Add the flour (I never bother seiving but you probably should!) and stir to form a soft dough. Roll into approx 12 balls the size of a brussel sprout. Using a spoon squash the balls into a mini muffin tray to form pastry 'cups'. These are now ready to be filled- no blind baking required thank goodness!

Whilt your baby spinach, either in a steamer or microwave and then pop it in to a mixing bowl. Add your chopped walnuts and Blagdon Blue (which I cut into chunks to make it easier to divide). Crack your egg and add the yolk to the mixing bowl. Season well. Use a teaspoon to share the mixture between the pastry shells but don't over fill. I like to put a little chunk of blagdon blue on the top of each tartlette to make sure it is cheesey enough. Cook in the oven at 180degrees for 25 minutes. The tartlettes should be golden and ooozing goodness; if they are not quite there give them a little longer. Enjoy!


If you like this recipe it would be great to hear some feedback! None of us here at the Northumberland Cheese Company are experts but we are all big cheese lovers. If you think it could be improved or would like to see your Northumberland Cheese recipe on the website please get in touch :)