Our Cheese is making its way around the globe

Cheese travels

From England, to Poland, Prague and beyond - we have heard stories of the travels of our cheese and enjoy your tails about where you have sited our Northemberland, handmade cheese.

One particular gentleman called Ralph from Silvermoor Haylage, spotted our cheese in a restaurant called Jones the Grocer, on his visit to Abu Dhabi last week.  Being a journey of over 4,400 miles, it is somewhat interesting to discover how it has made it there:

The cheese is made in our dairy in Blagdon, Northumberland (yes, way up North),  and then transported and supplied to a delightful company all the way down South in Bath (Somerset),  called The Fine Cheese Company. From here, they take our Cheese all the way over sand dunes, the ocean and trademark buildings, into the hands of Jones the Grocer, Abu Dhabi. And that is how our cheese is making its way all around the UK and the world. 

If you have an interesting story of how our cheese has been traveling with you, or have spotted, or tasted some our cheese abroad, please email