Christmas Gift Guide 2016

If this were a magazine, we'd call it 'Editor's Pics'... but it isn't, it's a blog, so it's Charlie's pics (she chose the selection, so it's not like it's biased or anything...):

First up is the Christmas Eve Cheese Board: Cheese is obviously amazing at any point during the Christmas period. However, we know that turkey sandwiches take precendent on Christmas Day eve, so we thought we'd design for the night before, when everyone is excitable and is wanting something to nibble amongst the present wrapping, the calming the kids, and coming in from the pub and needing a snack.... there is some Cheviot, our most mature cheese; some Blagdon Blue, a creamy and gentle blue for all the family; some Redesdale, an gorgeous sheeps' cheese; finally, our newest cheese Northumberlandia, to add a crumbly cheese to the offering. There are two packets of crackers so everyone can enjoy them (maybe save the Ale crackers for the adults...), sip some Kitty's Ginger Wine, and round off your cheese course with some Mulled Wine Chocolates from local chocolatier Davenport's Chocolates.

12 Days of Christmas Hamper: For serious cheese fans, this is the hamper for you. It contains all 11 of our wedges, and a wodge of our Blagdon Blue cheese too. We've included some lovely Rosemary crackers, but also Fine Cheese Company's Fruit and Nut Torta, which is an intriguing and delicious accompaniment to any of the cheeses. We also thought a chutney was needed, so we've chosen our bestselling Dart Valley Church Mouse Chutney. This hamper was a sell-out last year, so make sure you son't lose out and order early!

North Tyne and South Tyne Gift Boxes: These are a great option for those of you looking for gifts under £20.00: with four wedges of our cheese, it gives anyone a great taste of Northumberland!

Cheese Loft Cafe and Shop Vouchers: Do you know someone local to us who would appreciate a nice coffee and a good cheese scone? Someone in the North East who likes to shop locally, to whom provenance is important? Our Cheese Loft vouchers are available in multiples of £5.00, and can be used in the cafe or the shop.