The Blagdon Estate: The largest proportion of our milk comes from the Blagdon Estate, which is the estate on which we are based; the cows graze less than 2 miles away from us. Because provenance of our milk is so important to us, we subsidise the milk farmer when market price drops too low, to ensure that he can continue to provide this milk for us. It is also part of our core values to support local businesses. We order between 20,000-30,000 litres a month.

Wheelbirks Farm: We source our Jersey Milk from the Wheelbirks Estate in Stocksfield. We are extremely lucky to be able to source Jersey Milk locally, as it is a specialist milk. We order 1000-2000 litres a month.


Dolken Dairy Goats: We order our Goats' milk from Dolken Dairy Goats in Cumbria. We have used them for years. It is a shame that we can't source it closer to home, but, needing 4000-5000 litres a month means that local herds aren't large enough to produce the quantity that we need!

Sheep Milk UK: We source our sheep's milk from Lancashire. Because we only use sheep's milk for our Redesdale cheese, we only receive 2000-3000 litres every quarter. We're proud to source all of our milks in the North!