Mark Robertson - Founder and Director

Mark moved to North Northumberland in 1973 to experience a quality of life and all the joys that come with being a farmer. In fact it was a lot of hard work! He began making ewe’s milk cheese as a farm diversification and to satisfy his fundamental belief that we should create wealth from the primary resources around us. The move to the Blagdon estate reflects Mark’s ambition to reach more customers and be part of the fine food scene that was developing in Newcastle. He now enjoys the culture and buzz of living in Newcastle and is a keen participant of both types of yoga; Hatha and Iyengar.

Mark's Favourite Cheese

My favourite cheese at this time of year is Reiver with its robust aroma of autumn leaves. Reiver is a mould-ripened hard cow’s cheese with a complexity of flavours that develop and last on your palate.

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Jacks - Dairy Manager

Jacks joined Northumberland Cheese in 2003 having previously worked for the Real Soup Kitchen. She was quickly thrown in at the deep end and shown how to make cheese by Mark himself. She can now be found co-ordinating our small team of 2 cheesemakers and our apprentice cheese maker, Danielle. Her busy schedule fitting in the production of 16 cheeses does not phase Jacks who strives for excellence and tackles any challenges head on. At the weekends Jacks can be found out and about exploring the countryside with her little monster, Joe and her big monster Peter.

Jacks' Favourite Cheese

My favourite cheese is Kielder. I love it, as not only is it yummy it's also from the lovely Jersey Cows which are pretty to look at.

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Heather - Despatch Manager

Heather began working at the Cheese Farm in 2003 as a dairy and despatch assistant. Her enthusiasm for packaging and finishing our products led to her promotion to Despatch Manager just 4 months later. Heather is the smiling face of Northumberland Cheese who manages our wholesale and retail accounts. From production to delivery Heather endeavours to meet our customer’s high expectations. In the evenings you will find Heather playing wii fit with her 4 kids and 5 grandkids like one big happy family. But most of the time she would rather be out walking her dog Kringley.

Heather's Favourite Cheese

My favourite cheese has got to be Brinkburn. It's just so fresh and nutty with a clean taste in the mouth. I'll probably have it with a bottle of Jacobs Creek!

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Martin - Head Cheesemaker

Martin joined us in 2004 after 24 years as a chef for the Royal Navy. His passion for making cheese has stemed from his belief in going back to basics and producing local food by hand. You can find Martin tending to the cheese vats; molding, monitoring and testing the cheese in the production stage to ensure that each batch is as perfect as the last. He is also our chief experimentor and enjoys testing recipes for new and innovative cheeses e.g. Blagdon Blue which he developed in 2010. After his early mornings in the dairy it is suprising that Martin has enough energy to spend time with his dog Forrest and his 3 favourite girls; Trisha, Sophie and Amy. 

Martins' Favourite Cheese

I think it has to be Cheviot- strong, mature and ginger, just like me!!

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Ann-Louise - Retail Manager

Graduating from Sunderland University in 2005 Ann-Louise joined the team to develop the shop side of Northumberland Cheese. Visit our shop now and you will find a wide array of unique and local gifts, food and art. She uses her creative eye to source the best products out there to complement our wide selection of cheese. When she is not in the shop you will find Ann-Lou organising the many farmers markets we attend and making sure as many customers as possible get to enjoy our fabulous cheeses. As Northumberland Cheese’s newly-wed Ann Lou spends her spare time doting on her hubby!

Ann-Louise's Favourite Cheese

My favourite cheese is our Garlic. It's nice and creamy and goes great with homemade garlic bread and cheese or as a topping on a lasagne. In the cold winter months, a warm hearty lasagne with Garlic Cheese is just what you need!  

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Bethany - Brand Development Manager

We are delighted to welcome Bethany to our team as the new Brand Development Assistant. Bethany will be looking after the Marketing, PR and developing the distribution of our products for the company, taking the reins from Monique who is on leave to spend time being a new mum! Bethany will be scooting around the country attending tasting events and cheese markets and showcasing our fabulous range of cheeses. If you are a new business looking for a cheese supplier she is waiting for your call. A self-proclaimed obsessor of food, Bethany loves nothing more than spending her leisure time watching cookery programmes and testing out exciting new recipes.


Bethany's Favourite Cheese

I like slices of Blagdon Blue on a crisp oat cracker with red grapes, and some walnuts or pecans if I have some. The soft, creamy, salty Blagdon Blue goes perfectly with the sharpness of the grapes and the snap of the cracker! Lovely jubbly.

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Ann - Tea Room

Ann is our longest serving member of the coffee shop team having worked here for 7 years. She can be seen beavering away in the kitchen baking all sorts of mouth watering cakes as well as cheese soup, tomato soup and quiches. Her passion however is cheese scones where she strives for perfection with every batch. Always willing to help and serving with a smile Ann is a valuable member of the team. When not at work, Ann can be found either riding a bike or climbing a mountain but not at the same time!