More support for local producers

We have some wonderful local honey in our shop at the moment. The Honey Store are based in Ponteland, so we really are supportive local bees with this product! The family behind The Honey Store have been producing honey for over 30 years, and this honey is Raw Cold Extracted honey, which allows it to retain all of the enzymes, pollen, and other micronutrients which make this honey so delicious. 


Tweedside honey is has been produced by the Robson family since 1962, and is is a delicately flavoured mild honey. The hives are based in Northumberland and Berwick upon Tweed, so they are still very local to us. 


We try to source locally where we can, as Northumberland is full of wonderful products, and we want to support our region. Though not the season for it, for future reference, eating local honey is a fantastic way to relieve the symptoms of hayfever.


Another fantastic way to eat honey is with goats' cheese, funnily enough! It is an extremely common pairing in France, particularly in salads or on pizzas. Here is a delicious recipe if you would like to try it : http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/warm-goat-cheese-toasts-with-rosemary-walnuts-and-honey-108799