Last year, it was time for Martin, our head cheesemaker, to create a cheese of his own. Originally from the North East, Martin wanted to make a cheese which paid homage to his surroundings. After experimenting with the acidity of the cheese, he was delighted to produce a cheese which was sharp in bite, but creamy in finish, and with a delightful crumbly texture. Thus this fabulous cheese was born.

Keen to experiment further, the dairy then began waxing the cheese. Martin didn’t hesitate in selecting black wax, to symbolise our ubiquitous coal history in the North East. New to the world of wax, he was very pleased with the results.

The final stage of product development for this particular cheese was the naming of it; and wonderfully, the inspiration came merely on Martin’s way to work: every day he passes the magnificent land art sculpture of Northumberlandia. This beautiful, voluptuous lady made of Northumbrian rock, clay and grassland reclines gracefully on the Blagdon Estate, a living part of the countryside she will mature over time; it seemed perfectly fitting for our new offering. As a thank you for this inspiration, we make a donation from the sales of Northumberlandia cheese to the land trust, to keep the lady looking at her best!

Northumberlandia is perfect for those looking for a cheese similar to Cheshire, or Wensleydale. It is a landmark cheese, named after a landmark lady.