Our lovely farmers....

Farming... here is where cheese making all begins.

We are extremely lucky to be based on the Blagdon Estate: not only is it a beautiful location, but we can also source our cows' milk from the farm on the estate. This is fantastic for two main reasons: 

1) Our milk is traceable: We get all of our dairy milk from the farm on the estate (the cows are less than 2 miles away from us), and so if we had any difficulties with our milk, we could get to the root of any problem quickly.

2) We are supporting a local farmer. Some cheesemakers are fortunate enough to have their own herd; though we don't have this privalege, we feel very happy to be able to support a local farmer within his own right. Because the cows are on our estate, they feel like they are almost our cows... but we are grateful to be able to support a local and vital industry.

Our Kielder and Chevington cheeses are made with Jersey Milk. Chevington is based on an ancient Northumbrian recipe which our founder, Marc Robertson, came across. The original recipe featured Longhorn milk, and, very difficult to source locally, he sought to find a local supplier as a suitable alternative. We are lucky enough to be close to Wheelbirks Parlour in Stockfield, just a short drive away from us, and they supply us with our precious Jersey milk; a gorgeous, buttery milk, and a wonderful alternative to Longhorn milk. 

Brinkburn is one of our bestselling cheeses, and it is made from Goats' milk, which we get from the Dolken Dairy, in Cumbria. Euan and Tessa absolute adore their goats (look at the photo, can you blame them?), and it's lovely to be supporting them.